Dr. Janette is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever gone to in the 30 years I have been visiting various providers.  She has a truly precise and healing touch, garnered by extensive learning and experience, but always guided by her natural instincts.  She treats every patient as an individual/whole person, ensuring you that she is with you the whole way in addressing your healing challenges.  For me, she has facilitated greatly in not only the decrease of my neck pain (due to a pinched nerve, disk degeneration), but also in the improvement of my neck and arm use and movement…very important for someone who uses a computer (and guitar!) every day, and something no other Doctor has helped me with.  I am so glad I discovered her prior to admitting hopeless defeat by giving in to Cortisone shots and other pain killers.   I have also benefitted greatly from Dr. Janette’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and physiology…she really takes the time to help you understand what goes on underneath, and in and around, all those vertebrae and nerves…and how what you do and eat helps (or not).  So, if you are in pain, and nobody has been able to help, go to Dr. Janette!

Ray Coneys.